Here at Joy Acupuncture Healing Arts, we have the most awesome and generous patients  Here are a few who have been so kind to take the time to record or write about their experience with

Dr. Jocelyn Joy.


I initially started seeing Jocelyn after having a triple bypass surgery. I was experiencing a lot of anxiety and was still smoking at the time, and knew I needed to quit. I started coming in twice a week for treatments, which had an immediate calming effect and brought me a lot of relief from my anxiety. I successfully quit smoking and experienced better breathing and increased circulation. Now I am coming in once a week and am continuing to feel relief from my anxiety and have an overall feeling of calmness. I have been free from smoking for 19 months now, and from coming to see Jocelyn I have been able to also make modifications with my exercise and diet to better improve my mental, physical, and emotional health. I am now feeling more balanced and have an overall sense of wellness.
Ed, Fish Boat Captain

"I can’t believe how miraculous Jocelyn’s technique is. I deal with a chronic condition and she relieves my pain almost instantly. I find after a treatment I’m relaxed, nurtured and pain free! I look forward to my weekly treatments." – Terry, homemaker
"Caring, well trained professional that listens. Treatments are effective, pain free and on target. Her refreshing demeanor and approach are a bonus. 
Jocelyn is a JOY." 
Donna, Interior Decorator

“..Jocelyn has the most calming and therapeutic bedside manner, and while being extremely professional. She is amazingly friendly and personable and makes our session’s together a fun experience...”
Tracy, Business Owner