During the most challenging time of your life Dr. Joy is here for you.  She has helped many cancer patients get through treatment with a minimum of side-effects and a maximum of energy!

"I was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer in March of this year.
I came to Joy Acupuncture in April following my first surgery to help with some of the arm mobility issues.
I received help with the mobility issues and so much more!
During my chemotherapy I had zero to minimal nausea. The fourth day after every chemo treatment, I was able to go back to work with about 80% energy. By the following week, I was back to full strength. There were even some days when I was able to go to my workout class, which really impressed my oncologist.
I fully believe my regular visits with Dr. Joy helped me sail through the chemo treatments with minimal side effects.
I would strongly recommend anyone dealing with cancer and the side effects of therapy consider treatments with Joy Acupuncture. It has made a world of difference for me during my journey."
Michelle M. ​​

​Healing takes place not just in the body, but in the spirit as well. Come give your spirit and body the deep rest and support you need at Joy Acupuncture.

Dr. Joy recommends Bone Broth as powerful medicine for those with chronic illness and cancer. Click below to have Chef Lance's Organic Bone Broth delivered directly to your home!

Acupuncture and Oncology

"As a stage three cancer survivor - bone broth was and still is one of
my medicines.
 I'm so grateful for Chef Lance and all of his conscious
care in creating this medicinal food. I appreciate his sources for
water, and of course the certified organic and humane chickens are
equally important to me. Plus I feel great when I drink bone broth!
Even in the depths of chemo, it was like drinking coffee, and I felt like
my body responded immediately.
 I'm grateful to share this beautiful
soup with my children, my family and as many friends as I can - it's a
Megan Pischke, Marketing / Health + Wellness
Manager at Boarding for Breast Cancer