and Chinese Medicine Services

75 Minute New Patient Acupuncture Appointment:  
$105 ($90 Sr. or Military) 
 This is a comprehensive exam, health history and initial treatment.

50 minute Return Acupuncture Appointment:  

$90 ($70 Sr. or Military)
Continued Care Treatment Session

Mobile  Acupuncture Appointments
$160 per appointment/$125 Sr/St/Military * (Must be Prepaid)
For when you can't get to me, I can come to you. (Home, Office, or Hotel) 

Call me directly for this service.
At present, I do mobile calls on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 8am to 12pm.

 Click Mobile Appointment Button for More Details

Add-On Services (up to 15 minutes):

Modalities which are not included in the Acupuncture Sessions: 
Cupping, Gua Sha (Press-Rub Technique), Tui Na (Medical Massage), or add a Sacred Energy Medicine Sample.

30 Minute Herbal Consultation
or 30 Minute Nutrition/Lifestyle Session

Initial: $60
 Re-exam: $30
   These are separate consultations and re-exams required to prescribe herbs and/or Nutritional/Lifestyle Therapy to support your Acupuncture care.

Herbal Prescriptions:  
$25-50 per week
I prescribe only from the best companies here in the United States. 
Most prescriptions are filled in office.

 We help make it easy for you to invest in your health by offering Acupuncture and Health Transformation Packages. 
Joyful Acupuncture Package
6 Return Sessions

$459 (Acute or Corrective Phases of Care)
(a $540 Value)

Must be used within 3 months of purchase 

 Joyful Acupuncture Package
10  Return Sessions

 $749 (Acute or Corrective Phases of Care)
(a $900 Value) 

Must be used within 8 months of purchase 

Get the Ultimate Healing Experience with an all-inclusive Transformation Package. It includes Acupuncture, Herbal and Nutritional/Lifestyle Consultations, Herbal Medicine, all of our Add-On Services , unlimited phone and text support, and aromatherapy.

Ultimate Health Transformation Package *1499
4 months of Absolute Awesome

Covers Acute and Corrective Phases of Care
Ask about the details;  3-Pay plan available

To Maintain your Health and Create Lasting Wellness, we offer a Special Club!
Club Joy!
This Club is designed to help you maintain your progress and create lasting wellness in your life! 

After you have finished your first two phases of care (Acute and Corrective Phases, usually about 20 visits) you qualify for the best deal ever!

 $60 for a Monthly Treatment, $50 each for 2 additional a month

 *Not available with Insurance.  Click on the boxes to the left to see the details.

Offsite Laboratory Testing: 
We have access to a full range of lab tests at Lab-Corp for fantastic prices. Just Ask!

New Services!

Distance Healing Treatments

When you can't get to the office, or you live far away call me for a Distance Healing.

 Dr. Joy uses  Etherial AcupunctureTM Techniques to bring healing treatments to patients all over the United States.


Package of 3 Sessions $333.00

​Package of 10 Sessions $999.00

Sacred Energy Medicine Session
Dr. Joy now offers advanced hands-on healing sessions.  This type of healing is great for patients who; are very sensitive to needles, are very weak or debilitated and need a gentle approach, are in quite a bit of pain, or just want to get a Quantum boost of healing! Dr. Joy will re-balance your Energy System and jump-start your healing process with cutting-edge quantum healing techniques.  
To receive a sample, ask for an add-on with your acupuncture treatment for only $25. 
You can book a 25 minute session for $75

or a 50 minute session for $130.
A package of 3 sessions is $333.00

A package of 10 treatments $999.00

Our Services

Our Services

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