Dr. Joy treats patients at two locations, and has mobile appointments available.

Please schedule with appropriate location.

Joy Acupuncture Health Centre

2602 1st Avenue, Suite 205

San Diego, Ca 92103


Monday Afternoon, Wednesday, Friday

Mobile Appointments 

Monday, Tues, Thurs 8am to 12pm

San Diego Chiropractic Group

5252 Balboa Avenue, Suite 901

San Diego, Ca 92117


Tuesday and Thursday Afternoon

Dr. Jocelyn Joy, DAOM, L.Ac. 

Joy Acupuncture Health Centre

Chinese Medicine for Life!

You know how it feels to curl up in a soft blanket, warm and comfy, drift off into a deep sleep and awaken refreshed?

That is what a treatment by Dr. Joy feels like. She combines superior clinical knowledge, experience, and techniques with just the right amount of pampering for your ultimate healing experience.

Her relaxed and humorous demeanor instantly puts you at ease, and you'll find that you can't wait for your next appointment!

Jocelyn's specialty is treating patients who are undergoing Cancer therapy or after treatment. She has helped many with the common side-effects of cancer therapy such as fatigue, low appetite, low blood levels, pain, and depression or anxiety.

Call or book online now to experience the best that Chinese Medicine has to offer with Dr. Joy.